Interested in wholesale orders of Ka'u coffee?

With about 280 acres of coffee trees, our cooperative can fill orders large and small. Our Arabica beans are mostly of the Guatemalan variety.

All of our coffee is grown at elevations of 1,400-2,000 feet on the slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano. The rich soil, coupled with ample rain and sunlight, lend our coffee beans their characteristic flavors of chocolate, cherry and coconut.

We use the traditional wet-processing method, then dry the parchment in the sun. We can supply you with parchment, green beans and roasted coffee.

Like other Hawaiian coffee, our products are among the freshest in the nation. Our harvest season stretches from August to June of the following year, enabling us to ship coffee to you within weeks of picking it.

Unlike imported coffee, ours won't wait to clear U.S. Customs. And if you have it shipped by United States Postal Service or similar methods, you won't need to worry about the heat and humidity of a container at sea.

For prices and shipping quotes, please contact us.